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  Welcome to my personal website!
  A personal website is probably the newest and most important form of self expression to arise out of the last few decades, and therefore above all else, I hope these pages accurately reflect my personal vision. Enjoy!
  "We cannot direct the wind but we can adjust the sails."
  12.24.2003 Christmas Eve!
Delgado & Allende Family
The Delgado and the Allende family celebrating Christmas Eve 2003 at
the Marina Marriott.
  9.4.2006 Gabriel is crawling!
This amazing little guy is only 8
months old and is already crawling.
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Daymaker is back on
the move again!
Departing for Mexico on
10.29.2005, visited many
ports along the way,
including Cabo and Careyes.
Daymaker is a 53' Defever
long range crusing motor
yacht built in 1987.
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